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About AXA MY Life Insurance


  • All about AXA Life Insurance


AXA is a worldwide insurance and asset management service provider. Serving the needs of customers in 57 countries, AXA specialises in property-casualty, life and savings, as well as asset management. AXA Affin General Insurance Berhad started operating in Malaysia in 1975 as an associate company of AFFIN Bank Berhad.


Over the years, AXA has thrived to become the fastest growing general insurance company in Malaysia and a leader in medical and health insurance. To date, AXA has served more than 1.5 million people with 23 offices in Malaysia.


  • Why is AXA Life Insurance the preferred life insurance choice in Malaysia?


The AXA Affin Life Insurance was incorporated in February 2006 and it is a joint venture between AFFIN Bank Berhad and AXA Group. Merging the strength of AFFIN Bank which is local knowledge and diversified network with the strength of AXA Group which is financial protection, AXA Life Insurance is now one of the leading insurance products in the country.


Apart from the merged expertise, AXA’s core value is also a major factor why AXA Life Insurance is the preferred life insurance choice in Malaysia. With the aim to act for human progress by protecting what matters, AXA is committed to support individuals, businesses, and communities to move forward in life by:


  • Listening to customers attentively.
  • Acknowledging and properly understanding customers’ needs and preferences.
  • Asking for requisite information and documents to advise customers accordingly and in compliance with the Industry’s Code of Practice on the Personal Data Protection Act 2010.
  • Providing customers with options for suitable products and services that meet their needs and preserve the confidentiality of their information.


  • Type of life insurance from AXA


AXA’s products include medical and health, travel and personal accident, savings and investment, motor and home, life protection, and business protection.


Specifically, AXA Life Insurance products are AXA Wealth Creator, Wealth Protect Assure 2, eLife Protector+, Life 80, and AXA SME Life.


  • AXA Life Insurance 1: AXA Wealth Creator


AXA Wealth Creator focuses on wealth creation, accumulation, and distribution especially when there are unforeseen circumstances. One of the key benefits of this type of AXA Life Insurance is short premium payment terms where there are four premium term options to choose from according to your financial needs. It could be 5, 10, 15, or 20 years. Moreover, another benefit is the Death or Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) benefit whereby in the event of Death or TPD (before age 70), AXA will pay you either the basic sum insured less withdrawals, or your account value, whichever is higher.


There is also accidental death or TPD benefit which pays you 100%-400% of the sum insured based on the circumstance of death. Some other benefits of the AXA Wealth Creator life insurance coverage are terminal illness benefit, maturity benefit, loyalty bonus, loyalty booster, and guaranteed renewal.


  • AXA Life Insurance 2: Wealth Protect Assure 2


Wealth Protect Assure 2 will be the best choice if you are looking for protection and investment options. Choosing this AXA Life Insurance will help you towards a safe and secure life. You will be able to meet all the financial requirements at each stage of your life and would not need to worry about sudden events.


Some of the key features of this coverage are flexible options for investment, flexible choice to build contingency funds, and flexible commitment according to your financial needs. You will be able to tailor the policy according to your current financial standing and your future needs.


Moreover, your loved ones will receive protection in the event of your death and total and permanent disability (TPD) and will be protected in times of need.


  • AXA Life Insurance 3: eLife Protector+


The eLife Protector+ is AXA Life Insurance that will help you to safeguard your family’s well-being at all times. It is a fuss-free term life insurance and offers a yearly renewable pure protection plan up to age 75.


Some of the benefits are Death & TPD benefit of up to RM500,000, an accidental death benefit of up to RM2,000,000 per life, automatic yearly renewal until the age of 75 years, the flexible sum insured starting from the pay-out amount of RM25,000 to RM500,000, and easy and simple sign-up.


  • AXA Life Insurance 4: Life 80


Growing old requires extra protection and that is exactly what Life 80 will provide for you and your family. Some of the key benefits of this AXA Life Insurance are death or bereavement benefit and flexible choice to build contingency funds.


  • AXA Life Insurance 5: AXA SME Life


AXA SME Life is for employers who want to keep their employees protected and cherished. Life insurance is among the employment benefits packages that will keep your employees motivated at all times.


One of the key benefits of this AXA Life Insurance is the high-quality protection it provides. Your employees will be protected against any financial burden in case they are unable to work. This policy is also tailored to suit the different needs of employees. From death to total and permanent disability, partial and permanent disability, terminal illness, and funeral plus optional additional benefits including accidental dismemberment and death (ADD) benefit and critical illness (CI) benefit, you can customise accordingly. Other benefits include no medical underwriting and annual renewable.


  • How to submit a claim for AXA Life Insurance?


As a customer-friendly and seamless life insurance provider in the region, AXA has a very straightforward claim submission process.


For instance, for personal accident injury or permanent disability, all you need to do is download and submit the completed claim form with all the required supporting documents to AXA or your Agent within 14 days from the date of the incident. After receiving all the documents, AXA will inform you regarding the claim decision within 5 working days and your e-claim payment will be credited within 7 working days after the claim approval date.


Meanwhile, for natural death, all you need to do is contact AXA to give immediate notification of the claim and download the claim forms accordingly. Submit the completed claim form and the required supporting documents to AXA or your Agent within 30 days from the date of the incident. After receiving all the documents, AXA will inform you regarding the claim decision within 14 working days and your e-claim payment will be credited within 3 working days after the claim approval date.


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